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The Transcription Guy offers the most accurate and timely legal digital transcription service in the UK. You can easily and securely send your audio via email, where an experienced legal typist with experience across all areas of law transcribes it.

The Transcription Guy

Fast, accurate audio & video transcription services

Transcription Services

We offer a UK-based, highly accurate human transcription service in both Verbatim & Intelligent Verbatim with a money-back quality guarantee so that our customers can confidently purchase a suitable transcription service best suited to their needs.

English Closed Captions

Combining our highly accurate transcription service with speech recognition technology we can create low cost Closed Captions in SRT or XML format in an upload-ready format or in a format suitable to burn captions directly into your video content.

Translation Services

We translate text, audio or video files from any language into English, or from English into any language, with high accuracy. This combined with our money-back quality guarantee means our customers can confidently order a translation service they can rely on.

How it Works

Upload your files

Simply upload the audio or video file to our encrypted online order form, which makes it simple to send files in a secure environment, ensuring data security.

We do our thing

As soon as we receive the files the work will be allocated to one of our staff members, who will transcribe the document in full, taking full ownership of the project.

Receive your files

The completed transcription will be delivered to you via e-mail within 48 hours of ordering so that you can accept, review and use the document for its intended purpose.

In a Hurry?

The Transcription Guy offers an urgent delivery option, reducing your lead time to 24 hours or less, guaranteed! Simply select the express delivery option at checkout and the team will ensure your transcription is complete within the required timeframe whilst still ensuring a highly accurate transcription is delivered.

Our Values

Accuracy & Quality

Our team of experienced transcribers have the skills and knowledge to guarantee high accuracy in your completed transcript.

On time, every time

Our turnaround time on transcriptions is 48 hours, guaranteed, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We also have an express 24-hour option available.

Excellent Service

Our team is available 24/7, 365 days a year and we take exceptional pride in offering the very best customer service to all of our customers.


The Transcription Guy team operate like a family. We recruit expert transcribers, treat them well, and pay them fairly. In return we have developed a loyal, hard-working team

Who are we?

The Transcription Guy was founded in 2019 in Bolton, England.

We found that transcription of audio or videos was something our customers found painful, time consuming and costly. They were also finding it difficult to find good quality transcriptionists who were fluent in the English language and able to deliver in a timely manner.

We knew that we were capable of checking all the boxes of our customers.

Remove the pain of transcribing your audio or video files.
Reduce overhead costs of customer transcriptions.
Offer a high-quality transcription service
All staff UK-based
100% on-time guarantee

We then developed a solution that allowed our transcriptionists to delivery a high-quality transcription whilst reducing their man-hours, allowing us to improve significantly our transcription quality and lead time.

Accurate Transcription of Audio or Video

Get your audio or video transcribed by a professional transcriptionist with high accuracy guaranteed.

When you need your audio or video files transcribing quickly, with great accuracy, but don’t want to pay the astronomical fees some of our competitors charge, speak to The Transcription Guy

With a 24 hour turnaround option and a guaranteed high accuracy, you can submit your files and relax, knowing the job is with the experts!

 High accuracy
Ready-to-use text
Straight-forward pricing
Delivery in under 24 hours

Closed Captions to increase Engagement

Allow your target audience to watch videos without turning up the volume.

Creating engaging content isn’t just for big brands anymore. With smartphones being the way most people access content today it’s easier than ever to record and share a video online with friends, family, clients and leads.

Highly accurate
Ready-to-use text
Available in SRT or RTX file formats
Straight-forward pricing
Increase engagement with your content
 Delivery in under 24 hours

Translation Services

The Transcription Guy’s professional translation services ensure your message is conveyed accurately, every time.

 Highly accurate
 Ready-to-use text
Straight-forward pricing
 Delivery in under 24 hours

What Our Customers Are Saying

Transcription Guy customer - Female
Clickmanageware Carol Davies

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

PR Firm Logo - Transcription Guy customer
Impact PR Mark Devlin

Great Result & quick turnaround - will use again!

iCoach4u Astrid Mohamedhoesein

Amazing! We had never used a transcriber, and found the whole experience easy. (We are confident that The Transcription Guy made it so!) An excellent experience. Highly recommend for speed, accuracy, and great communication.

Transcription Guy customer - Asian Male
M.P. Law Erick Morales-Pérez, Esq.

Excellent Service. Very professional, and quick to respond to my suggestions.

Transcription Services FAQ

Our services start at £1.00 per minute (ex VAT).

With our quick, secure and simple online checkout you can send your files across to us for transcription and make payment via several different payment methods.

We have a detailed blog post covering this topic in more detail, however a very simple explanation of this would be:

Copy Typing: Typing up documents that are hand written into a Word document, or replicating documents no longer available in an editable format.

Transcription: A typist types up a document based on audio or video files containing speech.

A verbatim transcription is a word-for-word copy of the speech, written as spoken and includes almost everything said in the audio, removing only ‘filler words’ such as um’s and ah’s, as well as false starts or repetitions.

Verbatim transcripts are ideal for record keeping or research purposes, for example in qualitative research or record keeping for HR departments.

Intelligent verbatim transcriptions essentially offer a ‘cleaned up’ version of what has been said in the audio, giving the reader the key points in a more digestible format. Speech may be paraphrased to remove unnecessary dialogue, making the meaning more succinct. 

Our article on Verbatim Vs. Intelligent Verbatim Transcription can give you more detailed information on the differences.

We accept most digital audio formats, such as:

AAC, ACT, AIFC (Compressed AIFF), AIFF, AMR, APE, AU, CAF (Apple Core Audio Format), DCT (Express Dictate, MSRS, etc.), DSP TrueSpeech, DSS , DVF (Sony recorder), DVS (Royal recorder), FLAC, OGG, M4A, MP2, MP3, MPC, MSV (Sony recorder), QCP, RA / RM (RealAudio), SHN, SPX, VOC, VOX, WAV (Including ADPCM, aLaw, GSM 6.10, PCM, and uLaw codecs) and WMA. 

We also accept direct links from YouTube or Vimeo.

If you are at all unsure, please first Contact Us before placing your order, and one of the team will be happy to help.

Transcripts are emailed to the email address specified in the order form in a Word .docx format, leaving the transcriptions fully editable.

If you require delivery in another format, please let us know by getting in contact with the team.

Yes, we are happy to sign NDAs where appropriate. 

Please attach the NDA along with your order and we will sign and return this prior to commencing work.

Our pricing is always as keen as we can make it, and therefore we do not offer discount on bulk purchases. Instead, we believe in always offering our very best price for a service that is unparalleled in quality. This offers our customers three things;

 Consistency in pricing
The best quality transcription available, with a high accuracy guarantee
 The best pricing available, always.

Yes, please call us on 07715 396228. 

If the line is unavailable, please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.

We are happy to issue invoices to eligible organisations, companies, Universities (etc.)

Private clients will not receive an invoice.

No, you can order with us without the need for an account.

The best way to receive accurate transcription of audio is to have high quality audio available. Where this isn’t possible, the quality of the completed transcript will be lower. 

Unfortunately audio cannot be suitably enhanced where recording quality is low, as the data (the sounds) have not been captured initially, and therefore we cannot improve on the audio quality that you provide to us.